What is Display Advertising?

As the only digital ad network in the marine industry, we place our customers’ online banner ads in unsold space on marine-related websites at considerable value. We are effective because we laser target the customers you want to reach in the precise location, so there’s zero guesswork.

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Geographic Targeting Examples

We are a global network offering local, regional, national and international coverage.

In addition to vertical, we can target by:


Income Level

Example 1

Example 2


When you book your on-line media buy plan with us, we know we will be connecting with your
target audience in the right geographic location. BUT THAT’S ONLY PART OF THE PLAN.

Total Impressions and clicks Served

Conversion Tracking

Websites where ads are shown

Geographic Stats

It’s equally important to quantify the results of your ad campaign. You might receive a sales boost but might not know why. How many people did you reach? How many clicked on your ad?

Another service we provide – at no extra charge – is tracking all the data that measures the results of your ad campaign. This data is available to you at any time with a simple click. When you do, you’ll see which websites are running your ads, the number of clicks and the click-through rates. This data will help us determine the best websites for your ads.


Our team is dedicated to increasing your bottom line through powerful digital ad campaigns. Whether you want better performing ad campaigns, or higher revenues from your site traffic, our team can deliver you superior results. But don’t take our word for it…

  • I searched high and low for an agency that was marine specific to handle our entire campaign to include display ads and social media. I met with the team of Marine Ad Network and quickly realized our brand was in good hands. We unleashed their service during the Fort Lauderdale Boat show and could not be happier with the return on our investment. The phone and emails have been non-stop with laser targeted leads that have resulted on higher than expected sales. The Marine Ad Network Team has taken our business to the next level and we could not be more pleased.”

    Michael Reimer

    CEO, International Marine