Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

NOTE:  The Marine Ad Network values your personal privacy as well as the privacy of your business operations.   With that said, collecting data and sharing information is how we do our job.   Our business model is a common online advertising model, but in a very targeted market.  Many businesses share similar online advertising practices but in different target markets.  Ours just happens to be targeted towards the Marine Industry, hence the name Marine Ad Network.   So much of what you are about to read is common throughout the online advertising industry.

This Privacy Policy describes Marine Ad Network (hereinafter “MAN”) data practices associated with it’s marketing and informational website at URL: as well as MAN services described herein (“Services”), and how it mines personal information for use in its Services from your computer via various types of cookies.

This Privacy Policy is intended for individual users of the Marine Ad Network and explains how MAN may collect, use, and disclose information when visiting its website or when using any website or app that has engaged MAN Services.  The Privacy Policy is also for website publishers who utilize MAN’s ad placement Services (“Publishers”) and explains how MAN collects, uses and discloses information associated with your company and it’s website(s).   This Privacy Policy is also for advertisers who utilize MAN’s ad placement Services (“Advertisers”) by execution an Insertion Order Agreement.

MAN represents the largest inventory of display advertising in the marine industry with over 800+ websites in our network. We make it simple for s to manage advertising campaigns across all of our publishers through one easy-to-use interface.

Publishers or Advertisers may use our services to exam user data.  We do not provide any information or warrant and represent how other parties including publishers using our network gather and exam data directly.  The MAN website may, from time to time, have hyperlinks to publisher sites or third party not under MAN’s control.

To remain current with industry trends, it is recommended that you review the privacy policy of any website you visit to determine how your information and browsing data may be used and whether or not you want to increase your privacy settings.

Data Collection

MAN collects contact data through it’s website and services when you agree to provide it, either through specific approval or through browser settings.  You may elect not to provide such information and sometimes as a result you will not be able to utilize certain content, services or features available on or through the MAN website or through Publisher (depending on a case by case basis how the Publisher chooses to provide its content) or when an Advertiser makes an Insertion Order.  In order to make payments owed to Publishers or receive payment from Advertisers, MAN may also request additional information from Publishers such as other contact information and billing account information.

MAN uses this contact and billing information to provide the Services.  When MAN needs your permission to do send you knew information on the Services, we seek permission in advance to do so.

Other information that may be collected:

  • ‘Free form’ demographic information (e.g. age, gender, marital status)
  • Browser information (e.g. URL, browser type, ‘click through’ data)
  • Ad reporting or delivery data (e.g. size/type of ad, ad impressions, location/format of ad, data about interactions with the ad)
  • Device-type information (e.g. screen dimensions, device brand and model)
  • Unique identification numbers (e.g. IP address and mobile/cell phone device ID)
  • Location data (as derived from IP address or GPS (for mobile))
  • Interest segments (i.e. inferred information on the behavior or likely interests associated with a device)
  • Retargeting data (i.e. data revealing previous interest in a product or website)
  • Information about the possible relationships among different browsers and devices

MAN uses the data collected to fully operate our Services as such are defined.

MAN does not engage in activities that require parental notice, and if MAN has collected information from a child under 13 that is subject to parental notice and consent under federal or state law, then please contact MAN using the contact information below to request deletion of the information.

Cookies. We use necessity, performance and functionality cookies.   A cookie is a digital file comprised of a character string that uniquely identifies a Web browser.  Most if not all Publishers utilize Cookies.  Necessity Cookies are necessary to enable you to navigate and use features contained in our website.  Without these cookies, then basic web use and browsing functionality becomes more time consuming, as an example, a cookie allows users to save passwords.  Performance Cookies collect anonymous information on how people use our website, and this is completely anonymous so your personal identity cannot be established.  Functionality Cookies determine things like country of origin and language choices.


Our Services essentially utilize Ad Cookies to collect information about your browsing habits to provide more effective ad placement and content marketing delivery.

MAN customers, e.g. Publishers or Advertisers, may utilize technology such as cookies or the like to deliver targeted ads and evaluate ad performance.  MAN does not control these activities.

All web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari, IE) offer tools that both enable or disable cookies and those tools are self-regulatory.  However, certain MAN features on its website may not work if you delete or disable cookies.

MAN, its affiliates, subsidiaries and the like, will disclose contact and billing information to third parties with your express permission.    MAN recommends that our Service Providers’ privacy and security practices are consistent with ours.   MAN may also disclose other information collected considered necessary to develop and provide our Services, generally as described herein.  MAN does not provide any information that can personally identify an individual.

MAN uses technologies that enable Publishers and advertisers to deliver targeted ads to almost any device – tower computers, laptops, smart devices and the like.  The point of the Services is to make these ads relevant to you, the user, based on data collected through your browser.

Information that we collect is stored using procedures and practices reasonably designed to help protect information from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure.

From time to time, we may change this Privacy Policy. If we decide to change this Privacy Policy, in whole or in part, we will inform you by posting the revised Privacy Policy on the MAN website and emailing those of you who have registered with the site. Those changes will go into effect on the effective date disclosed in the revised Privacy Policy.