Boating Business Magazine – Meaningful Digital Marketing

October 2, 2017 9:42 am

Thank you Boating Business Magazine for the wonderful article about Marine Ad Network.

While digital marketing has been around in the recreational boating industry for some time now, it has largely been a hit and miss experience for many businesses.

That’s all changing with the launch of the Marine Ad Network that benefits both digital advertisers and publishers. The Network currently works with more than 800 digital publishers, websites, blogs, forums and owner’s groups.

For digital publishers, the Marine Ad Network helps maximise their revenue by selling the ad space not sold by the publishers own direct sales team. The Network pays a higher rate than Google Ad Sense for example.

For digital advertisers, the benefits are many. The Network can target by industry vertical (fishing, sailing, etc) as well as by geographic radius and income demographics. A unique feature is Geofencing – ‘a virtual perimeter that you can draw around any area on a map, and the target your ads to customers who enter that location’. The Network sums it up by saying ‘Geofencing is an effective method to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message’.

A good example of this was Cruisers Yachts that utilised geofencing services to put a digital geofence around the Ft. Lauderdale boat show. They served digital ads to attendees of the show inviting them to an in-water display to look at their new boat models.

Advertisers have access to a dashboard as part of their buy that provides them with a wealth of data on their campaign. The data includes total impressions, clicks and CTR broken down by individual banner ads image and size, geographic breakdown by state and age, by day of the week and time as well as by gender and device. Meaningful digital marketing is here for our industry.

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