Advertiser FAQ

What are the Minimum ad spend requirements?

We require new advertisers place a minimum ad buy of $2,000 for their first Marine Ad Network campaign.

Can I start with a smaller budget to test the network?

No. Our minimum ad buy of $2,000 is based on a test budget. Any budget under $2,000 does not provide enough data to fairly evaluate our network publishers nor give you enough time to collect campaign data that could be used to make decisions to improve your campaign’s performance.

What targeting options do I have?

The segmenting options in the Marine Ad Network help you deliver a more relevant message when advertising online. Choose from a variety of targeting options including age, gender, geolocation, operating system, device, and time of day.

Is there fraud protection built-in?

MAN works with third-party vendors to validate all clicks and impressions on the network. If you notice any suspicious activity, we ask that you please contact us.

What ad sizes do you support?

We currently support the following IAB banner sizes for display advertising:
● Leaderboard: 728x90px
● Medium Rectangle: 300x250px
● Half Page: 300x600px
● Smartphone Static Wide Banner: 320x50px
● Wide Skyscraper: 160x600px
● Banner: 468x60px

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