Publisher FAQ

How do I apply to become a Marine Ad Network Publisher?

Be sure that your website or blog meets our Publisher Eligibility requirements. If your site does, apply to become a Publisher here.

Can I reapply if my publisher application was disapproved?

We encourage all publishers to reapply at a future date so long as they have addressed any problems that arose in their last application. Also, our publishers requirements may change over time, so it is important to review our requirements before applying.

Are there requirements to becoming a publisher on the Marine Ad Network?

In an effort to provide quality websites to advertisers on Marine Ad Network, we require inquiring publishers to meet a minimum set of standards before they are accepted into the network. Any websites submitted for review must be live at the time of application.

Are there Traffic Minimums?

In the absence of meeting these traffic requirements, publishers will otherwise need to prove their audience is unique enough for advertisers to target. Your website’s monthly traffic should exceed 5,000 page views and 1,000 unique visitors –although we do make some exceptions.

Do you have a minimum payment threshold?

Yes, just USD$20. If you don’t earn $20 in the current month, the earnings are rolled over till you have earned $20.

Do you require a contract?

No – contracts are a real headache! We operate under simple Terms & Conditions that you agree to when you apply online. At Marine Ad Network we don’t require exclusivity, a defined time commitment, or all your above-the-fold ad units. Given that flexibility what’s there to lose?

What are your Terms & Conditions

Are there any setups costs to become part of Marine Ad Network?

No. There are no setup costs; we pay YOU for ads that are served on your site through our ad tags.

When are Publisher payments made?

Providing you have exceeded the $20 minimum payment threshold, publisher payments are made on the 15th of each month for the previous month’s impressions. We have different payment options below:

  • Check
  • Direct Deposit
  • Paypal

What ad units does Marine Ad Network support?

We support a wide range of regular display ad units, plus high visibility units.  Below is a list of all Ad Units supported.

  • 728x90px – Leaderboard
  • 300x250px – Medium Rectangle
  • 300x600px – Half Page Ad
  • 320x50px & 300x50px – Smartphone Static Wide Banner
  • 160x600px – Wide Skyscraper
  • 120x600px – Skyscraper
  • 468x60px – Banner
  • 970x90px – Super Leaderboard

Who will host and serve the ads on my site?

We provide you a set of unique Ad Tags for your website and these are hosted and served by our internal server.

How much will I earn with Marine Ad Network?

Because every website is different, there’s not one simple way to generalize earnings for all of our Publishers. Our Publisher Support team is happy to help you estimate your earnings, and provide support to help you meet your revenue goals.

What CPM rates does Marine Ad Network offer?

Our standard CPM rate for publishers is $2.75 but increases for video, direct buys etc.

What is Marine Ad Network’s revenue model?

Marine Ad Network provides advertising on a CPM basis which is an acronym for “Cost Per Mille,” with “Mille” meaning “1000”. So, “CPM” represents the fee we pay per 1000 ad impressions. If you have two ads per page, then you would only need to display 500 page impressions (2 Ads x 500 page impressions) to generate 1000 ad impressions.

Who are the advertisers on Marine Ad Network?

Marine Ad Network works with some of the marine industry’s most recognized brands. See our home page for list of clients.

What size ads do you support?

We support most sizes but our standard sizes include:
● 120×600
● 160×600
● 300×50
● 300×250
● 300×600
● 320×50
● 468×60
● 728×90

Does Marine Ad Network support passback tags?

Our platform allows you to use either an in-house image as a pass back or code from a 3rd party such as Google Adsense.

How many advertisements can I put on any given page?

When installing Marine Ad Network’s ad tags, publishers must be sure to follow the standards outlined below to keep their account active:
● No single page (URL) may have more than three zones attributed to showing Marine Ad Network’s display ad inventory at any given time — unless approved by Marine Ad Network in writing.
● Your website may not have ads “stacked” or purposefully placed in such a way that may be considered confusing to the reader and that is designed to drive unwarranted clicks/impressions to our advertisers (such as a pop-up containing an advertisement that cannot be avoided).
● Ad sizes may not be modified or altered to boost clicks or impressions, unless approved by Marine Ad Network in writing.

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