Optimizing your website for earnings

How do I optimize my website for generating clicks?

As more publishers join the network and additional information is gathered about the browsing habits of our visitors, we can recommend approaches to increasing the performance of display ads on your website.

Below are a few ideas that we recommend you implement as they have proved successful with publishers in the past:

  1. Keep a mobile banner attached to the top or bottom of the webpage. These type of ads perform the best on our network and have the highest earning potential. If you use our WordPress plugin, the ability to stick a mobile ad to the top or bottom of a website is provided out of the box.
  2. Avoid “dead zones” in your website. If you are able to scroll through a page to a point where no ads are displayed, you should find ways to break up content, increase the number of ads on the page.
  3. Review your “clicks by device” on your reporting dashboard. You should try to keep these numbers as close together as possible. If you find one type of device not converting as well as you expect, look at altering your design to make ads an integral part of the experience.
  4. Review your impression visibility for display advertising. If you are seeing a high concentration of unmeasurable impressions, you should work on optimizing your placements.
  5. If the user is reading an article, place an ad right after the content ends. We suggest you setup the zone in your administrative panel to display a leaderboard on desktop/tablet and a medium rectangle ad on mobile.
  6. If your website contains a sidebar, consider implementing a way for the sidebar content to scroll with the user as they go down the page. This concept of a “sticky ad” allows them to always have an ad in view. If you’re using WordPress, consider installing our free plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/q2w3-fixed-widget/
  7. If you are displaying a medium rectangle ad, consider serving multiple sizes (such as prioritizing half page first, then medium rectangle) to increase earning potential from larger, higher-paying ad units.