Required tax documents

“Why must I verify my identity?”

In order to comply with U.S. banking and criminal laws, it is important that we validate the information of anyone who receives payouts from our network.

We require all network members who receive payouts to provide us with one of the appropriate tax forms before receiving any funds from Marine Ad Network:

  • W-9 form (if a U.S. citizen or business)
  • W-8BEN (foreign individual outside of US)
  • W8-BEN-E (foreign company outside of US)

If you are a receiving payments as an individual (not a business), a government issued drivers license or identification card must be provided prior to any disbursements (unless you are a U.S. citizen and have opted into our ACH deposit program).

When setting up your profile to accept direct deposits to a U.S. checking account, you are required to provide a valid SSN or Tax ID number. This information (along with your legal name) is validated during the setup process.