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Like many online publishers, you’re always scrambling to sell your unsold ad space to avoid losing potential revenue.

We created the Marine Ad Network specifically for marine-related on-line publishers to sell their unsold space to specifically targeted advertisers that match your readers and geographic location.

Once we match an advertiser to a publisher, our sophisticated software system automatically uploads a banner ad – or video – to unsold space on your platform.
All you have to do is sit back and collect a monthly check from us.

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  • Marine Ad network makes it easy for me to provide readers on SailingTotem.com with ads that are relevant to my cruising blog. I appreciate being able to earn a little income using pertinent ads instead of generated content that has little/no alignment with my readership’s interests.

    Behan Gifford

    Sailing Totem
  • The Marine Ad Network makes managing our online advertising banners easier than ever. We have peace of mind knowing that the ads running on our site are relevant and offer value to our visitors – without doing any of the work! After the seamless sign-up process, just sit back, relax, and watch the money come in.

    Anna Barthelme

    Marina Life
  • I have zero time for marketing and sales but was fortunate enough to run into the Marine Ad Network who handles all of this for me in a professional and timely manner. Compensation is fair and the support is second to none. They are and have always been a total pleasure to work with and I look forward to many more years with them.

    Chad Lapa

    Lake Ontario United, Great Lakes Fisherman. Lake Erie United, Ontario Fishing Community.
  • Marine Ad Network has handled the advertising for my blog, The Boat Galley, for over two years. I'm sold: the ads are relevant to my readers, the pay is better and faster than Adsense, and it's easy.

    Carolyn Shearlock

    The Boat Galley
  • Since cruising Outpost started working with the Marine Ad Network we have increased our revenue from our website, without any additional cost or man-hours. The ability to limit the companies who we already work with so as not to affect our running contracts made the partnership very workable, and we have enjoyed an increase in revenue from our site.

    Bob Bitchin

    Cruising Outpost Magazine